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Young Worker - Vol 1 - No 4

Published June 1922

The Young Worker: Official Organ of the Young Workers League.
Volume 1, Number 1 (June-July 1922).
Oliver Carlson, editor.
Published in the USA prior to 1923, public domain.

C. Revilo: "Song of Youth" (poem).
"The Dawn's in the East."
Oliver Carlson: "Editorial: Our League Established."
Oliver Carlson: "Editorial: 'American Freedom.'"
Oliver Carlson: "Editorial: Child Labor."
Martin Abern: "Are We Tryng to Break the Unions?"
Harry Gannes and William Z. Foster: "The Young Worker and the Unions: An Interview."
Oliver Carlson: "Our First National Convention."
Martin Abern: "Who's Red â And Why?"
I. Ginsberg: "Awake, Young Workers!"
A. Thorne: "On the Road."
Ernest Todd: "Brains, Brawn and Bone-Heads."
S. Max Kitzes: "Freedom" (poem).
William Haber: "The Role of the Young Workers' League."
"Our Relations to the Workers Party: Resolution Adopted by First National Convention, YWL of A, May 13th-15th, 1922."
Oliver Carlson: "The Road Before Us: A Speech at YWL Convention, May 13th, 1922, New York City."
Sarnjinni Naidu: "Dawn" (poem).
"International Children's Week." Hyzam: "A Slip of the Pen."

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Year 1922
Language English
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